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Mechanical machining

Our CNC machines can remove chips with centesimal precision.

CNC machines

Mec. Carp. workshops are equipped with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines that can remove chips with centesimal precision. These cutting-edge machines allow us to obtain extremely complex shapes, which are almost impossible to obtain even through manual processes.
Our turning and milling machinery can process large workpieces (up to 6 metres long).


Our mechanical machining department

Our mechanical machining department is equipped with the following:
• 1 floor type milling machine (6000*2000*1200) with rotary table
• 1 CNC lathe (3000* ø350)
• 2 CNC machining centres (1300*700*700)
• 1 CNC bed milling machine (2500*900*900)
• Manual lathe and manual fast-head milling machine
• 5 cranes (5 and 8 Ton.)

meccanica di precisione controllo numerico
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