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Mec. Carp. provides a wide range of services, from the production of simple or complex turnkey structural works to the manufacture of turnkey machinery as a one-stop shop.

Safety in a one-stop shop

We put all our expertise and professionalism in managing every stage of the production chain, from choosing the raw materials to assembling and painting the finished product. Upon request, we can even help you with products that are already in operation and complete with their electrical and hydraulic parts. Our multi-year experience and the collaboration of our specialised partners is a guarantee for quality. This way, you can save costs and time and be sure to have an extremely efficient product.

Quality and on-time delivery

We at Mec. Carp. have established an effective and fruitful dialogue with new and long-standing clients, who know that they can count on quality products, certified processes, on-time deliveries, and a profitable and loyal collaboration.

produzione macchine veneto

Mec. Carp. services

Flexibility and dynamism are our strengths. We can manufacture simple products upon request or coordinate the entire machine production and order processing cycle as a one-stop shop for our clients.

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Mec. Carp. boasts ten years of experience in turnkey solutions and single productions of mechanical structural works, thanks to our highly-qualified and experienced personnel.

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We at Mec. Carp. cut metal sheets using HD Plasma cutting machines. This cutting-edge technology allows these machines to cut carbon steel and stainless steel sheets with a thickness ranging from 2 to 40 mm, thus obtaining any type of shape.



Our workstations are equipped with cutting-edge equipment for processing light and heavy structural works. For example, our Fronius welding machines, known as the “Ferrari of the welding machines”, can create solid joints with “clean” surfaces and minimal material deformation.

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Mec. Carp. workshops are equipped with cutting-edge CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines that can remove chips with centesimal precision.

manutenzione meccanica mec carp


We at Mec. Carp. can rely on four professionals who carry out mechanical maintenance directly at the clients’ premises.



We carry out every stage of the assembly process with care and professionalism, taking the responsibility of the entire production chain, from the design stage to the delivery of finished products.

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