UNI EN ISO 9001, EN 1090-2_EXC2 Certified Company
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Mec. Carp. stems from an entrepreneurial idea of Andrea and Omar Rizzardo, two brothers who in 2002 decided to put their experience in the mechanical structural work sector into practice.

Operational Headquarters

The expertise of the two founding partners has transformed the company from a small enterprise specialising in mechanical assembly and maintenance carried out at the clients’ premises into a fast-growing and solid company. Today, our operational and production headquarters stretch over 3000 square metres. A large area, which houses a technical department, metal work and mechanical machining departments, and the raw material warehouse, which contains various types of metal sheets and bars.

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Certified excellence

As a proof of the excellence of our mechanical productions, Mec. Carp. has obtained the following certifications: ISO 9001 for the quality of our products, ISO 3834 for our welding processes, and EN 1090 for the CE marking of our steel structural components.

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Our values

Mec. Carp. is a one-stop shop, as we coordinate the entire machine production and order processing cycle based on the client’s project or our in-house department’s consulting service.


We at Mec. Carp. put all our professionalism and experience at your service. We know our industry well and can provide you with the best solution that suits your needs.


Our flexibility and versatility allow us to work in different contexts while always ensuring the highest quality possible.


We at Mec. Carp. always meet the delivery deadlines, as we take care of every stage of the production process, from design to assembly.


Our excellent organisational skills allow us to efficiently manage every single project, no matter whether it’s simple or complex.

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